2 months old baby

Question: My baby has got very bad ear pain...she is even crying to move her head n may i know the reason n remedy for it.... pls help

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Answer: Hello ma'am You can try these methods Try placing a warm, moist compress over your child’s ear for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can use a muslin cloth. Dont compress hardly just very lightly .This may help reduce pain. And you can also Slightly elevate the baby head by taking in your lap this can improve your baby’s sinus drainage. After using home remedies if still the babies pain is not going than consult your Pediatrician Take care
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Question: Hello mommies. . My baby has severe ear infection. .. she is crying alot even after putting ears drops.. please suggest me some remedy to keep her calm
Answer: Pls don't use ear buds. Make sure water does't enter her ears, and make sure she does"t get cold. Book an ent bcoz ear infections can lead to complications especially if there is foulsmelling discharge. Discharge can be a sign of tympanic membrane perforation. Stay calm, take her to doctor as fast as possible,
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Question: I have got very bad cold since almost a week for now.. visited the dr and she told me to avoid tablets and told me to gargle n take hot water.. now my cold is very bad and I have very bad ear ache right ear.. what can I do for the ear ache.. I can bear the cold but not the pain.
Answer: Take steam and boil ajwain in water and then drink
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Question: Hello everyone, My daughter is 3 months old. She's suffering from ear pain don't know why? What should i do for her relief? She is touching her ear n crying continously. Any remedy for this? Plz help me guys
Answer: Hello Ear infection can cause fluid Discharge from the ear. Fever sleeplessness baby tugging on the ear frequently irritability. U can treat ur baby with a warm press. If there is no fluid draining from the ear that means the ear drum is not damaged u can put few olive oil drops into the infected ear. Keep ur babies head elevated keep ur baby hydrated keep breast or formula feeding the baby protect ur baby from smoke dis is one of the major ear infection causes proper bottle positioning. Some times the milk drains in to the babies ear wch can cause an infection.keep your baby in an healthy environment so the cold n flu bug stays away from the baby. Give all the vaccines on time. Hope I helped
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