1 months old baby

Question: My baby has got quite amount of body hair in her arms and back. Will these be permanent?

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Answer: Hello! Don't worry it is mostly common in new borns which go away as they grow. Don't worry.
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Question: Hello!!! My baby has got small pimples on her body especially on her back and stomache.... What may be the reason and suggest remedies.
Answer: Hii..may be due to heat or it may due to allergy of any kind of soap or baby lotion.. for time being give a gently massage in castor oil or baby pure almond oil ..it will get reduce if not consult with doctor. .may prescribe baby lotion to cure
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Question: My baby is 3 months old and losing a lot of hair. She got a red patch at the back of her head. Can you please tell why is she losing lot of hair now. Will her hair grow back?
Answer: It is common in babies as it can occur during first 6 months and is called as telogen effulieum. Don't worry it will settle on its own and the red patch may be due to baby sleeping more on back. Avoid washing hairs daily, use mild soap or shampoo ,be gentle will washing hairs. Massage with coconut oil it will help to strengthen the hair follicle
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Question: How to remove hair from new born baby? My baby girl has lot of hair on arms, back , legs and face.. How to remove this?
Answer: Dont remove by your self it will gone itself .so dont worry.take care of your baby
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