3 months old baby

Question: My baby has got VSD in heart by birth. Whether it ll get closed on its own or requires surgery. Pls help

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Answer: VSD closer will depend upon the size of the whole.what is the hole size? Doctor will monitor for some months to see if it is getting close then only they vll suggest for surgery if required.
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    Aksh Ar812 days ago

    Hole size is 3mm madam

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Question: My baby has heart murmur asd of 3mm can it will heal on its own
Answer: Most of the times small defects repair on their own. Your baby will be monitored every month and evaluated about the healing process. If at all baby shows sign of distress bluing of skin. Murmurs or sever cramping in limber hands and legs uneventful. Then surgery can be thought of. But if not severe they will call her in 6 months to check if surgery required. By the age of 2 everything will be alright. take care Do not worry
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Question: My new born baby has small vsd problem.does it recover its own.
Answer: Hi dear small vsd that is less than 2 mm recovers on its own but your baby will need to get monitor time to time. If a vsd doesn't gets Heal on its own by one or two year of age of baby then your baby might need to get into a surgery to cure it
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Question: Hi my baby got 2nd degree burn on her right hand. Pls suggest if it requires plastic surgery. Thanks
Answer: Dear without seeing can't say anything. It would be better if you consult doctor to know if it is required. If it's a second degree burn it may required plastic surgery in my view still it would be better to consult a specialist. Hope it helps.
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