3 months old baby

Question: MY baby has flat head... How to resolve flat head

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Answer: hi mum and baby sleep on the same position or when did take feed on lying position that might cause flathead to cure this you can use mustard seed pillow to baby which helps to make babies head round we can prepare the pillow at home itself you can also try feeding a baby by holding baby's head on your palm which also helps baby to get round shape head
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Question: How to cure flat head in babies. My baby having left side flat head
Answer: Hie Babies are born with soft heads to allow for the amazing brain growth that occurs in the first year of life. As a result, their heads are easily molded  Flat head syndrome usually happens when a baby sleeps in the same position most of the time  This problem does not harm brain development or cause any lasting appearance problems Simple practices like changing a baby's sleep position, holding your baby, and providing lots of "tummy time" can help. Reposition your baby's head (from left to right, right to left) when your baby is sleeping on the back. Even though your baby will probably move around throughout the night, it's still a good idea to place your child with the rounded side of the head touching the mattress and the flattened side facing up. Provide plenty of supervised time for your baby to lie on the stomach while awake during the day. Not only does "tummy time" promote normal shaping of the back the head, it also helps in other ways. Looking around from a new perspective encourages your baby's learning and discovery of the world. Plus, it helps babies strengthen their neck muscles and learn to push up on their arms, which helps develop the muscles needed for crawling and sitting up.
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Question: My baby has flat head...wat to do??
Answer: Hi dear Hi dear,To avoid flat head n also use a hollow pillow in cradle. You can make one using a soft cotton cloth don't make it very hard I don't like the ones available in stores ...encourage Ur baby to look on both sides.and also try tummy time it also helps in avoiding flat spot it will help Ur baby hold his head up.might start by laying your baby across your lap on their tummy In the beginning, newborn tummy time should consist of two to three 3-minute sessions daily. As he gets older and stronger, gradually increase the length of time, working up to a total of 20 minutes a day.By about 4 months, your baby should be able to lift his chest off the floor and lean on his elbows with his head upright. He may even be able to lift his arms off the floor, arch his back, and kick his feet. As your baby stretches and pushes on the floor, he may accidentally lean to one side, fall over, and roll from his belly onto his back.this will improve motor skills,head control,avoids flat spots,and strengthens shoulders
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Question: How to make baby head round since my daughter has got flat head at right side?
Answer: Hello dear... To make babys head in round shape,massage babys head with coconut oil, and also make her sleep in cloth cradle,will be helpful
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