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Question: My baby has 40 days old.He has small red dots in his face and neck.what to do for this?

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Answer: Hi dear, This is very common.babies do get such neonatal acne.which happens due to their sensitive skin.this usually disappears after a week or so.donot apply anything on face .just clean it with plain water.
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Question: Small small red dots on baby face what to do?
Answer: Hello dear, we being mom even smallest discomfort keeps us in our toes. Baby acne is very common and usually harmless. I believe the best advice is to leave it alone. I personally put breast milk on it and the rash went away. Breast milk also helps heal the scratches from little fingernails in less than a day. You can try this once as it has no side effects. Hope it will help!
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Question: My baby is 24 days old. He has red small rashes on his face. What is the reason for this and what should I do for this?
Answer: Baby acne is a common, usually temporary skin condition it resolves on its own without treatment said by my pediatrician when I faced this issue with my baby too he suggested me some tips dear, Don't use scrub,keep your baby face clean,Don't squeeze,Apply breast milk soaked in cotton ball may be this works for you too ☺️
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Question: My baby has got red dots on his body and face, what should i do.
Answer: Hi dear... Please check for if any new food has been introduced due to which red rashes are there.. You can apply aloe vera gel.. If it spreads or increases then consult the doctor... Take care
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