5 months old baby

Question: My baby has cough and cold any home remedies please???

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Answer: Hi. Heat mustard oil with garlic cloves and ajwain..heat till fumes cone. Apply on the chest and palm and feet of the baby. . Give ajwain potli...heat ajwain ii n a tave till it tunrs black..tie it in muslin cloth and keep it near ur baby.
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Question: My baby has cold and cough , please suggestion home remedies
Answer: hi you can try these home remedies place the steamer next to the babies bed you should roast some ajwain and tie it in the clean cloth and make the potli and do compression on the baby's chest you should warm the mustard oil and massage with it on the babies chest back and feet just before sleeping this will also help in congestion you can also put saline water nasal drops if the baby has blocked nose
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Question: baby has fever cough nd cold any home remedies
Answer: शिशु को सर्दी और जुकाम होने पे माँ पाने बच्चे को स्तनपान कराएं। दिन में जितनी बार स्तनपान करा सकती हैं,  अजवाइन के सूखे दाने को तवे पे भून लीजिये। अब एक सूती के रूमाल में इसे बांध के एक पोटली बना लीजिये। यह पोटली जब हल्का गरम रहे, उसी वक्त इससे शिशु की छाती, पीठ, पैर के तलुए, और हाटों की हटेलियोँ पे घिसिये। इससे शिशु को सर्दी और जुकाम में आराम पहुंचेगा लहसून के कुछ फाकों को सरसों के तेल में भून लीजिये। इस तेल को शिशु की गर्दन, छाती, पीठ और पैर के तलुओं पे लगाइये एक चम्मच सेंधा नमक में गरम सरसों का तेल मिलके इस मिश्रण से शिशु की छाती और पीठ पे मालिश करें मालिश वाले तेल में कुछ तुलसी के पत्तों को डाल सकती हैं। तुलसी वाला मालिश का तेल त्यार करने के लिया आप तीन चम्मच (3 spoon) नारियल का तेल ले लीजिये। नारियल के तेल को गरम कीजिये। अब इसमें तुलसी के पत्तों को कुचल कर (crush) तेल में मिलाइये। इस तरह से कुचलने से तुलसी के पत्तों का अर्क नारियल के तेल में मिल जायेगा। नारियल का तेल तुलसी के पत्तों के सरे उपयोगी गुणों को सोख लेगा
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Question: My baby has cold and cough. His nose is also making sound.. Home remedies please
Answer: Hello dear... Cough and cold are one of the common childhood illness , it can caused by environment, climate change,and some cold causing foods . Remedies for cough and cold in infants Breast milk is a natural source of antioxidants,it alone can do wonders in reducing cough of babies , so breast feed as you can. Heat coconut oil with garlic,pepper,and little turmeric powder,use ts oil and massage in throat,chest for five minutes,it will helps in reducing cough effectively You can also boil water with ajwan or cumin seeds, you drink and then breast feed baby it will reduce cough a lot Apply Vick's in a betel leaf and keep it under lamp for two min,then massage baby's chest with that leaf,it will cure cough a lot Massage with warm mustard oil,will also reduce cough Mother's can take soup with country chicken with pepper and salt,it is very much helpful in reducing baby's cough and cold
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Question: My baby is 10 months old, he has cold and cough, please suggest some home remedies
Answer: Hello dear... To reduce cold and cough, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Please avoid milk to your baby for couple of days, because lactobacillus in milk will increases cold Make him to drink water,soups in little lukewarm condition,because it will definitely controls cough Boil Tulsi leaves with pepper in a glass of water,if it reduce to half,filter this water and feed them, it is a best remedy , continuous usage of this drink will increases immunity a lot Heat coconut oil with garlic,pepper,and little turmeric powder,use ts oil and massage in throat,chest for five minutes,it will helps in reducing cough effectively After one year of birth,feed him one egg daily with little salt and mild pepper powder daily, it helps in reducing cough a lot,it act as a barrier in cold climatic conditions
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