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Question: my baby has cough

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Answer: Before using these remedies make sure your baby are not allergic to anything and any severe throat cough should need medical advice .these remedies might not work well. 1. Eucalyptus oil apply on baby clothes near collar or on dry sheets . Sinarest vapo caps also works well. 2. Sleep the infants with head upwards direction using a soft pillow. 3. Mix 5 to 10 teaspoon of mustard oil with crushed garlic and ajwain seeds and tadka. After it is cooled, strain the mixture and store in a bottle. When needed, warm a little and apply on the child’s chest, forehead and back . 4. Vicks vapour rub for kids rub on the child’s feet and leave the socks on, it can also be applied on chest. 5. Mix the ginger juice with honey make a thin solution of just a quarter tsp of it give it to your toddler above 1 year. 6. You can make tulsi, ginger , cloves tea and give few tsp twice a day to your toddler. 7. Steam in every 3-4 hours. 8. Roast the Ajwain and take a soft muslin cloth and make a potli .. when warm apply gently on chest and back for chest congestion.
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Question: My baby has cough
Answer: hi mam newborn babies have very low immune system and they get affected with any kind of sickness soon. please take care of them and keep the house clean keep them away from a dust and pollution. breast milk is the best medicine for any kind of problem Sophie dear baby frequency and answer feeding mother take more healthy food that will help you and your baby to be strong. if it is dry cough you can feed your baby that's enough if it is blocked of you can apply mustard oil heated with two garlic clove this will help baby to sleep well and also this number help to reduce the cold inside the body
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