6 months old baby

Question: My baby has completed 6 months.its difficult for him to introduce feeding bottle..formula feed.. Doctor has advised to give Dexolac..He is not at all liking it and rejecting the bottle. Even for water also he is not using the feeding bottle.. As per doctor advice, I have breastfeed my baby till 180 days.. Now my milk is less so we have given formula milk...we have tried everything by changing different bottles ( Morisson,Philips) still he is rejecting everything ( water,formula milk) when given in the feeding bottle..Please advise on what to do..

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Question: Which formula milk is best for 3 month old baby?Earlier i was using pre nan becoz my baby had the less weight at the time of birth.But now he is not about to take the feeding bottle.May be he isn't liking the taste of milk .Dats why i think of changing the formula milk
Answer: Dear may be he doesnot like formula milk so dear now try nan pro its ok 4 baby .if u want u can ask to ur dr pediatrian too try it dear nd give it according to ur drs prescripation
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Question: Hi, my baby is 3.5month old.. he is not drinking formula milk in bottle. So we used to add suger in it. Is suger harmful for baby?? Though he is not drinking but after forcefull attempt 2 3 times.. he drinks it. Plz suggest.. we tried nan pro 1st after that dexolac. But both he is not drinking
Answer: Never add sugar it's not good for such small babies. Why can't u feed with a spoon and slowly try for bottle feeding if this is the case.
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Question: Hii everyone,am using dexolac formula milk to my baby since am having not sufficient breastmilk,, but now she is 8mnths I have to use dexolac stage 2 she has taken milk at starting but from 4_5 days she is hesitating to take formula milk,,,,,, what should I do,, am continuing my milk but in the nights I think she have to take formula milk but she'snot taking, is it OK that my milk is sufficient? What should I do
Answer: Nan pro bahuth acha hai aap o try karo Mai bhi wahi deti hunn
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