Question: my baby has cold so what shoud i do?

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Answer: Give ginger honey.... And lemon honey...... 2_3, drops of lemon and ginger..... With half tea spoon honey
Answer: nibulize
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Question: My baby suffering from cold what shoud i do from home pls help me
Answer: Hi! Cold are caused by viruses, climate changes and infections since the baby is only 5 months old, you can try the following to give some relief. 1. Use saline water if the nose is stuffed- Saline water is best in stuffed nose it helps loosen the mucus. 2. Give her plenty of Breast milk-Breast milk is everything your baby needs now to take the germ out through pee. 3.You can give steam bath-steam bath also loosens the mucus and gets drained out from nostrils. 4. Musterd oil massage on the chest and feet-If the oil suits the baby please rub it on the chest and feet to generate heat this too will help loosen the mucus. 5. Elevate the baby upright so that he can breathe easyily and while sleeping make the pillow also a little elevated. Hope this helps!
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