11 months old baby

Question: my baby has bad cough he is 11 months + please suggest any home remedy

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Answer: Hello dear, always give medicine precribed by baby doctor, kept vaporizer on in the room with tulsi leaves where she sleeps , so that the moisture helps her to breathe and soften her congested nose....You can give honey. It will help to remove cough. 2-3 drops of saline nasal solution were instilled to her twice a day. She was breastfed on demand, wasn’t even accepting cooled boiled water....While sleeping , her head was kept raised with the help of pillows so that she could breathe easily. 1 piece pepper, 1 inch ginger, 1 betel leaf, 2/4 teaspoon black pepper, little gaggery and water, boil it. Once it is warm, strain the water and let your baby sip on it at regular intervals.... Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Question: My baby has cough any home remedy?
Answer: Hi...You can make a strip of cotton cloth..fill it with small amount of ajwain seeds,soak it into mustard oil an put around the neck of your baby. Dont tei the strip in tge neck only keep it around the neck. Mustard oil and ajwain helps to reduce the cough. You will get result as you do this in one night. When the oil is absorbed you can remove it. You can do this whenever your baby sleeps in day . It gives very quick result
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Question: My 6.5 months old baby has got bad cough, any home remedy?
Answer: Mustard oil with ajwain and 2 garlic clove Massage her chest and back it reduces cough and cold,heat ajwain and 2 clove garlic make potli and keep near baby's bed it gives relief to baby
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Question: My baby has little cough. Please suggest any home remedies.
Answer: Sorry about that. Massage with mustard oil, put Garlic and ajwain in it.. Heat it and Massage on head, chest, back and feet, hope this helps.
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