4 months old baby

Question: My baby has a habit of nursing while skeeping..she put the nipple into her mouth and sleeps..how can we change her habit? Doctor has advised to start formula milk from next week.she is 126days old

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Answer: If you are not against pacifier you may try it as it has form of nipple
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Question: My baby is 90 days old. She always put her thumb finger into her mouth. How to change this habit? I use hand gloves. But still she is sucking the cloth...
Answer: Hi,Dear . I totally understand ur irritation but understanding y the child is sucking the thumb is important. It provides them comfort. If your going to shout this will increase baby s stress levels n the habit may prolong. Most children stop on their own. So let them find their own way or path to stopping this habit. Distract your child. There is always a pattern that is seen. Try n distract them if it's before sleeping then read a story sing a rhyme. This way the child will eventually stop. Talk to your baby. Having an adult conversation makes them feel important n grown up. Explain to them y it's bad. Praise your baby often create a stress free environment. This way the need for self comfort decreases.have patience hope I helped.
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Question: my baby is 5 month old she only sleeps when I put nipple in her mouth she had develop this habit how to overcome it please help
Answer: this is common in most of the Indian ladies but we should definitely stop this habit or else this will be continue even after 2 years so better you can feed a baby stomach full at night time even you can give some extra formula milk if you have less breastfeed so automatically your baby will sleep and take her mouth from the Nipple.
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Question: 8 month old only can sleeps while nursing, she just want me as a pecifier..how to break the habit?
Answer: i tried that but she searches even in deep sleep in fact i put her in swing but there also she sleeps 20/30 minutes and again she wants to suck
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