2 months old baby

Question: My baby had vaccination on 14th February but after that her consumption for milk has become less and cries every nonw and then and poops once a day after struggling. What should i do?

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Answer: I do not worry sometimes you to finish the baby diaper types they had lesson it is because of the pain of today baby it is advisable to do I spend two to three times in a day which will help a baby continue to fever baby at regular intervals slowly the babies appetite will increase do not worry and it is absolutely normal of the baby passing motion once in a day you should apply Vaseline to the anus of the baby which will help the baby to pass motion freely
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Question: My baby is 39 days old. I had a c- section and after her birth for 5-6 days she was on similac but after then she is completely on breastmilk. Can is give her similac once in a day?
Answer: Hi if you have sufficient brestmilk, try to avoid giving any thing else. As anything you feed additional will decrease her time sucking on your Brest and this can indicate your body to produce less. So better to avoid. If you want to bottle feed try expressing your milk and offer.
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Question: My baby sleeps after burping on my lap but instantly cries if i place in cradle or in her little bed. She has become more pressing and adamant upon it after last week's vaccination.
Answer: Hi! please be patient your 2 months old baby doesn't know anything about the entire world only knows your touch your smell your voice it is very common for 2 months old to need you and to be with you all the time because the baby gets comfort when the baby is with you please don't worry this is a face and specially since the baby has had a vaccination recently the crankiness is also very common so please don't worry feed the baby well swaddle the baby in your arms roam around a little and Co sleep .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Its was my baby vaccination yesterday I have given her pain less vaccination but he had hard swelling today wht should I do even I had apply ice pack to it and I should to dr but say that it's very common if swelling dont get down after 5 day then u can come to show me
Answer: U can just tap soft cotton cloth into warm water n keep on the vaccinated area even I did this it was helpful n I hope it will help u too🙂
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