5 months old baby

Question: my baby had jaundice at birth and she was give phototheraphy treatment because of which her skin colour has become dark. Wat can be done to lighten her skin colour

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Answer: plz give bath with milk and white bread. it's actually help lighting the skin color. u may use unboiled milk
Answer: as usual birth Color will come don't worry
Answer: use figaro olive oil for massage
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Question: Does the darkness of skin due to the blue light treatment given to babies for jaundice goes, she was quite fair when born but now has become dark n her skin seems to b patchy.she is born pre term
Answer: Your baby's skin color may change over the time as he grows. Many mothers try to change their baby complexion and may prove harmful for your baby. Your babies skin color whether it's light or dark determined by his genes at the time of conception. You can try almond oil for baby massage, it has skin lightening properties. Also besan or green gram flour works effectively for improving complexion.
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Question: my daughter was born on July 2 and she was fair but due to jaundice she was under lights so the colour has become dark so Wat to do to get the complexion
Answer: it's the biggest side effects of phototheraphy dear . even my baby was kept in that for36 hours and her skin become dark. but I didn't care much. as color doesn't matters to me. and it will settle with time automatically. since its not tan so might be remedies will not work.
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Question: Hi doctor my baby is 55days old when she has she got jaundice now it's cured but because of phototherapy her colour has changed how make her skin lighten
Answer: Babies colour doesn't matter but real colour will come after six months
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