2 months old baby

Question: My baby had cold from yesterday. Can you please tell any home remedies

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Answer: Use nasal drops dear.For new born baies home remedies won't work dear. You have to take baby to doctor and get proper treatment
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Question: My baby is not doing poty from 2days can you please tell me any home remedies
Answer: Hello dear, Generally in this age it's very normal to baby have constipation. Don't worry you can do lots of things to remove it. First of all....Add a little prune juice to formula or breast milk and give ur baby, Try giving her an additional 2-4 ounces 1/2 cup of water after each feeding to help bowels flush properly.  Start juice slowly with less than 2 ounces of juice after feedings. Bananas, rice cereal, carrots, and cheese are a mainstay of most infant diets--they also tend to have a binding effect on stool. Foods like apricots, pears, prunes, peaches, and plums are better choices to help avoid constipation. Lift up his legs and move them in a circular motion to mimic the motions of peddling a bicycle. The movement should help to release some abdominal pressure. If your baby take formula milk, try a few brands to find the one your baby tolerates best. Most brands have a low-lactose option, which your baby may tolerate better. massage your baby’s tummy in ever bigger circles. Follow your baby’s cues as to how much pressure to use. If she fusses or cries, you’re pressing too hard. Give bonnisan syrup 2.5 ml in the morning and evening for 3 to 4 days.  It will help. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Question: Can you tell home remedies for cold
Answer: Saline drops help to clear the stuffy nose, to thin and loosen the mucus. so that baby can breathe, eat and sleep easily. 
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Question: I have cold and cough from yesterday ..home remedies please
Answer: Try to take ginger in tea...add pepper powder in the milk and drink..try to eat tulasi leaves early on the morning...
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