8 months old baby

Question: My baby had breast feeding and rice water but after every feed baby has loose motion how will to stop

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Answer: Hi,this shows that there is indigestion. You should consul tour Dr. Also in your diet you should have yoghurt daily,have promegranate juice ,have anwain with water,avoid spicy food.rhis will help
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Question: My baby is six days old,she has loose motion after breast feeding
Answer: Is the poop lose How many times a day Lose motions may happen to several reasons like Heat You having some food which is spicy or oily or cannot be digested Have curds with sugar it not only helps to control motion for your baby but also rehydrates you Give baby warm water with sugar and salt added it helps to control motions and rehydrates your baby Take lots of fluid such as water juices buttermilk coconut water chawal ka pani dal ka pani If you are giving breast feed give little more If it doesn't come down talk to your doctor Avoid spicy food Avoid oily food If baby doesn't have fever and baby is active need not worry Take care
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Question: My baby is vomitting n doing loose motion after every feed both BM or rice water what should I gv her other than BM
Answer: Dry roast sagoo n make a fine powder. To one cup of  add 2 tsp of this powder n mix properly. Bring this to a boil n form a thin paste. Add 1tsp of cow ghee n salt to taste. Give this paste. This will stop loose motions Pressure Cook moong dal n make a thin paste by adding water. Bring it to a boil. Add 1tsp of cow ghee n salt to taste. Give this. This will eliminate stomach pain
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Question: my baby has got loose motion....plz someone suggest hw to stop loose motion....
Answer: You can make a solution with half a small spoon of salt and six level small spoons of sugar dissolved in one liter of safe water(boiled & cooled). This is the method which has been used since ages and is very helpful in treating loose motions. This(ORS) is the best loose motion medicine and is even recommended by the World Health Organization.
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