39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby growth size is full...doctor suggest me deliver baby by induce medicine...is it safe..? Is it possible yo have normal delivery..? Plz suggest me..

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Answer: Yes induction of labour is safe. It is the use of medicine to induce contractions so that you can deliver your baby vaginally...sometimes if induction fails they might take you for c section
Answer: Don't worry all is well
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Question: Is normal delivery possible during 38weks by induce
Answer: Hi dear, If all your reports are normal,normal delivery can be done by inducing labor.also remember,baby's position etc matters for normal delivery.if your baby is at breech then only c section is possible now.i am sure you have checked with your doctor and decided.
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Question: I have gestational diabetes. Is it possible yo have a normal delivery?
Answer: Control ur gestational diabetes... Avoid sugar sweets potatoes rice.. In fruits have only apple and guavava
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Question: Is it possible yo have normal delivery with over weight of mother
Answer: Yes its possible unless you dont have any health complications such as diabetes, high bp, pre-eclampsia, etc. BMI of 35 or less can have healthy pregnancy considering other factors.
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Question: I have cervix 1finger length dilated.my doctor told me to induce pain.does normal delivery possible?
Answer: Yes,absolutely possible.
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