5 months old baby

Question: My baby got 3 to 4 red spot on his body after vaccination.is there anything to worry?

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Answer: It has happened after vaccine so could be an allergy. I would say if you see any increase in numbers se ethe doctor immediately. Hope it helps.
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Question: I got red spots on my body is it safe or anything needs to worry
Answer: Get checked with ur doctor...u might have some food allergy
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Question: My baby got red spots on his body of sudd
Answer: Hello The baby s skin is very delicate. The lotions soaps or shampoo that you use should be 5.5ph friendly as this is the ph of ur babies skin like sebamed or mama earth. If u use lotions that do not cater to oh balence dis they can rashes dryness etc. Try seba med it is one of the best brands available that has less chemicals and no fragrance. You should use baby friendly and mild detergent to wash baby s clothes or other things that will come in contact with your baby. This can cause skin reaction or allergy.
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Question: My 3 month old baby got small red dots on his body.. plzz help me
Answer: Hi, rashes can also be due to dry skin you can try this you should apply moisturizer lotion to the baby after shower twice a day. You can also apply coconut oil.yiu should wear soft comfortable cotton clothes to the baby.yoh should apply breast milk as this is the best remedy
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Question: My baby boy has got a red blood like spot in his left eye in the white surface near his eye ball..is there anything to worry?? What might be the reason..i m just worried..
Answer: Hi... it's very normal for a mother to worry when she see a blood like red spot in in her kids eye ... but don't worry this is very normal ... this occurs due to a small blood vessel breakage in the eye ... it may happen due to the stress caused in the eye when the baby cries, sneezes ,coughs or stress his eye ... in most cases this red spot will go off by its own after few weeks ... if still you have doubt you can take him to your doctor and have a checkup to make things clear and to understand that his eyes is all okay .. Hope this would have helped u
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