6 months old baby

Question: My baby got rashes on chin he puts finger in mouth and spread saliva all over face pls suggest me how to get rid of those marks

Answer: Hi! These r drool rashes and common in babies, start using bibs and wipe the excess drool gently off the mouth, dont worry this too shall pass.. Good luck & hope this helps!
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Question: Hello !! I had baby last week . Now I can see strech marks all over my stomach.Can someone suggest me a good cream/ remedy on how to get to rid of those marks
Answer: Stretch marks severity can be reduced by applying following Apply aloe Vera gel You can apply Shea butter cream as it helps to moisturize skin and remove stretch marks a lot Keep your skin well hydrated Keep yourself well hydrated with water juices butter milk etc Cabbage cauliflower broccoli has some enzymes which has capacity to recover stretch marks
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Question: I got rashes all over my body and got scratching marks, please suggest me some home remedies for dark marks.
Answer: Hi dear Appy baking soda paste on spots if your condition increases then contact your doc
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Question: my baby got rashes only on face nd he sprinkled milk all over his face while feeding is because of this rashes formed in face
Answer: hello.. dear rashes in new born is very common and normal dear.it will go on their own...sprinkling milk on his face may be your milk is more, sucking may be fast.. so as he cannot handle that.. he is sprinkling on his face.. the same way i had more milk and my baby use to suck fast..she use to sprinkle on her face..
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