3 months old baby

Question: My baby got his 6weeks vaccination yesterday. He still has fever and swelling at injection site.im giving crocin drops for fever but.what can i do for swelling? Can i put a hot compress.

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Answer: Hi dear u can use cold compress to cure the swelling of injection area. Also try to feed ur baby Mickey and make him sleep well .That is very necessary. Fever will stay fro two days and will go
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Question: Yesterday I put 6th week vaccinations for my baby ....I am Giving paracetamol drops for every 6 hours ... He has got fever .. How can I reduce it
Answer: Hello ma You can reduce in every 4 hours. Don't be worry that... It will be in only for 2 days fever.. Automatically cured.... The medicine is process so that fever will occur and this is good for health.. Don't be afraid.. Here after when the fever came means give that medicine for every 4 hours.. I hope it's helpful click here thumbs 👍 up symbol Thank you 😃
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Question: Hello doctor my baby got vaccination yesterday and he's having fever since morning. I have given him crocin drops. Can I use fan in his room?
Answer: Yes you can use fan as it circulates air in the room. Make sure you dont make the baby sleep under the fan directly.
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Question: I put first vaccination for my baby, he got fever yesterday onwards, what can I do for that? Thn how many days fever can continue
Answer: Please check with the pediatrician about giving 0.6ml of Babygesic paracetamol drops once in every 6 hours over a period of 2 days to prevent fever and pain. Breastfeeding your baby will also provide relief. Fever should subside within 2 days from the time of vaccination.
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Question: My baby got his first vaccination and he has got fever two times i hv given med bt still he has fver what to do??
Answer: hi ma'am don't worry the babies will get fever after taking vaccination so you don't need to worry or no need to panic please continue giving medicines for every 6 hours or 4 hours once as advised by doctor the fever will be alright in 3 days so you don't need to worry you don't need to consult doctor again please feed your baby often and make a baby to urinate much because when baby urinate much the fever will reduce
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