12 months old baby

Question: My baby got high fever since last 4 days and she is not eating anything what should I do we are already giving her medicines

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Answer: Is his temp.lower down after medicines or not..?if yes then no worries in fever babys often deny to eat at all...u can give hime makhana roasted in butter with little salt and papaya..both helps to reduce fever,broaden tastebuds. to increase apetite..give him large brown raisins roasted on a shallow pan in ghee with some black salt it will increase apetite and blood too...
Answer: Hello dear If ur baby is having fever then u can do following remedies : 1. Put cold water cloth on ur babies head for 5-10 min 2. Give ur baby lots of fluid to eat 3. Rest is necessary at this time 4. Jitna kam ho sake baby ko kapde pehnaye.
Answer: Wipe him with wet cloth it this is the first think we do for high fever. Then give tender coconut... It help to gems out from urine.... If fever start to reduce she started to eat
Answer: .xb. Cark . .
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Question: Hello .....my baby is not eating anything since last week ....she is in high fever ....her stomach is empty...shud i give her medicine empty stomach?
Answer: Atleast give her some liquids and then give medicine.
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Question: Hiii.... my daughter is 9 n half months old... she has very bad cold and cough... we are giving her medicines bt she is not eating anything... she is jst on breastfeed for last 3 days... is that ok?
Answer: Hi congrats, That's fine breastmilk is best for her now, as she is.on medication she might not feel like having our side food... breastmilk will.gv her all the necessary nutrients she needs...once she recovers u can start back out side food ..get well soon baby .. take care 👍😃
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Question: My baby is 18 months old. She is having fever since last night. She is not eating anything. What should i do.
Answer: Hi dear, Though cold and fever is quite in babies,it really concerns the parents. Fever is a sign of body fighting an infection in body,which is good.the temperature rises when the body is fighting against it but there is nothing to panic about. Keep your baby in comfortable clothes.never overdress or wrap in blankets in fever.it can get worse. To lower the temperature you can apply warm water cotton pads on his forehead.if he's also suffering from cold along with it then fever could be due to that. Make him sip lot of water to flush out the germs and also to reduce the temperature.you can give paracetamol to your baby with the right dosage given by your paediatrician,if the fever goes above 100. If your child is active once the temperature goes down,then nothing to worry.if he's unwell even after the fever is gone,visit the doctor to assess any other medical reason.
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