Question: My baby got ear infection. When and how don't know actually but since last night he had fever and in the morning I got clue he has pain. Doc gave him candibiotic ear drops. Little yellow fluid came out. It will cure by this edicine...?... I am very worried..

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Answer: My baby too had after of fever. She was given one week antibiotics. I forgot the name. But it was cured. Don't feed baby bm by sleeping. Keep her head a bit up position .Don't allow water to enter his ear. Keep some cotton on ear when taking him for bath
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Question: My 3 months baby got fever last night (post vaccination) and gave paracetamol drops and since he is breastfed what food can i intake to get cured soon ..
Answer: It does not depend upon your food intake.. Fever and pain will be there for 3 days don't worry.
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