31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby got delivered prematurely at 29 weeks

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Question: 29 weeks baby weight 2kg and preterm delivered surviving percentage?
Answer: At 29 weeks baby's weight should be 1.2 kg. but your baby is already 2 kg it means that either you are having diabetes or your amniotic fluid is high due to which the baby's weight has increased survival rate is difficult to say some each and every case is different depends on how well your baby's body is developed. But I have seen many children who have survived from 29 weeks don't be disheartened
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Question: My wife 29 weeks premature baby delivered and now baby in NICU. What should I do.
Answer: Hi. First of all dont worry, at this time your wife needs your full support so be strong. Whats the reason of baby being delivered pre term? Whatever the reason would be always remember your doctors would do there best to improve babies health. So do keep checking your baby at time to time. .
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Question: Delivered baby prematurely. How can I increase my breast milk
Answer: Hello dear Initially congratulations from Healofy Take proteins rich foods like eggs meat nuts fish, add dark green leafy vegetables like spinach,bitter guard,carrot,chapathi, garlic in your diet
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