9 months old baby

Question: My baby got chicken pox...he s 9 months...hw to reduce it

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Answer: Hello dear, If your baby has chickenpox then it will take 15 to 20 days for the pox to appear it's contagious as it spreads by touch cough or sneeze. While ur baby s healing the itching can be very irritating give ur baby a bath with some baking soda in it. Put some uncooked oats in a muslin cloth and put it in the bathing water. Aft the bath put some lactocalomine lotion on the pox. U can also apply some essential oils. Use a cool compress. For the fever use a paracetamol ur doctor has prescribed. As the baby may have a loss of appetite and body aches cos of fever.
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Question: my baby got chicken pox
Answer: Here's how to help your baby through a chickenpox infection: Give him plenty of fluids so he doesn't get dehydrated. Offer him extra breastfeeds or bottle feeds. If he is formula-fed, or eating solid foods, he can have water too.Bath your baby in cool or tepid water. Try putting bicarbonate of soda, or a sock full of oatmeal, in the water. There's no evidence that these home remedies ease itching, but many parents swear by them. Gently dab or pat your baby's skin dry after his bath.Soothe your baby's skin with a moisturiser or cooling gel. Ask your pharmacist about the best treatment. Moisturisers with extract of oatmeal may help to soothe irritated skin. Calamine lotion is traditionally recommended, but it can dry out your baby's skin, making it more itchy.Keep your baby's nails short, or put on cotton mitts, if he keeps scratching himself. This will help to prevent the spots from becoming infected and reduce the likelihood of scarring.Dress your baby in loose, cotton clothing to keep his skin cool and reduce itching.
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Question: my 7months baby got chicken pox .. wat to do?
Answer: Hello dear Your baby will probably be tired and slightly feverish. She may have a loss of appetite and, for a couple of days before the rash appears, a mild cough or a runny nose. Chicken pox usually lasts five to ten days... As it contagious, it better to use clean bed and pillow covers for yore baby, also wear loose and comfortable clothes for your baby.. Consult your doctor.. He might suggest some medications and follow those
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Question: My baby s 8 months old.. He s suffering from small pox... Wat to do
Answer: Hello dear. I will share the things I did when my daughter had measles. Usually it is not recommended to give bath to the baby however I gave her with neem leaves boiled water which gave her relief in rashes. Also applied neem oil so that there is no itching. I also put neem leaves under the bedsheet where she used to sleep. Babies are already on a semi solid diet so continue giving what you have been giving just avoiding the food which is cold in nature. Hope it helps.
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