5 months old baby

Question: My baby girl suffering from cold ,cough n fever

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Answer:  Keep breastfeeding your baby dear your breastmilk has all the medicinal values that cures cold and cough dear. Make a ajwain potly and heat it on a pan and it gets nice aroma make it warm and palce it on your baby's chest helps in clearing blockage and prevents phlegm. Heat cocunut oil and turmeric it get nice smoke and make it warm and apply it on baby's chest helps in absorbing the mucus dear.rub a onion slice on baby's feet helps in reducing fever dear. Cover baby with bed sheet let baby sweat properly so temperature will reduce.
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Question: My baby suffering from cough and cold fever also
Answer: I can understand how difficult it must be for both of you.Cold and cough can be reduced to a great extent by drinking warm water. So,give baby only warm water in sips,so it soothes throat and reduces cough. Give steam from distance as it helps getting relief from blocked nose. Give saline nasal spray so nose does not get blocked. You can apply camphor oil so it gives relief to blocked and running nose. Give a decoction of ginger, turmeric, pepper and basil as it helps to get relief from cold and cough a lot.Give fever medicine. Sponging is must. If fever doesn't not come down in one hour you need to give higher medicine for fever. For medication please contact doctor as it should be given based on your weight and your condition. If fever increases or any other symptoms appear please contact doctor. Take care
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Question: My baby suffering from fever , cough & cold..pls advise
Answer: Hi dear, Due to season change such infections are on rise.quite difficult for mothers to handle the situation.fever is due to too much cold and congestion.treat the cold,fever would disappear.meanwhile keep giving paracetamol syrup as and when required.Cold and cough in babies are quite normal as their immune system is still developing.comfort your child by keeping him warm in this changing weather. Make him sip warm fluids through out the day,that will help him to stay warm inside the body and also flush out germs. Massage his feet and palms with warm mustard oil. Steam is an excellent decongestant.put few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water and make the child inhale it. You can also make him sip this decoction.boil some water,put few tulsi leaves,cloves,grated ginger,half teaspoon ajwain. Reduce it little,and make him drink 1 table spoon every hour.stop any kind of dairy and fruits at this stage.you can make clear soups for him with crushed pepper. Tomato soup would also be good.as it is rich in vitamin C which would help his immune system to go stronger.add pinch of turmeric in whatever soup you make.its antiinflammatory agent would fight his infection. Viral infections would finish its course by 2 weeks atleast.
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Question: I have 5 months old baby girl.. i am suffering from fever cold and cough. Will it affect my girl?
Answer: Ya it will affect your girl...because u feed your baby...and the micro organism which cause cold get transfer into your baby by your milk so please treat yourself by a good doctor as soon as possible
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