15 months old baby

Question: My baby girl suffering from blood motions. Why it's happened

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Answer: Hi dear, It seems to be due to infection.you didnot mention if your baby is having loose motion or constipation.as in either case bleeding could take place.please let us know the type of motion.
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    Kr V54 days ago

    Constipation. Now its we met doctor now she's well . Thank u for ur reply

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Answer: Take it in small amount. Sometime our body can't take it. Are u used to eating pomegrante?
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Question: My baby girl was suffering from fever,vomiting and loose motions
Answer: hi dear vomiting and loose motion is due to infection the baby summer has a stomach infection hence vomiting and loose motion is happening and due to loose motion and vomiting there is a fever because body loses its water endemics dehydrated hence the fever please hydrate the baby start ORS water immediately offer a lot of liquid check the peacock done activity if everything is fine then don't worry but if the baby seems to be lethargic and the pea count is also reduced then you need to take the baby or to the pediatrician. Hope this helps!
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Answer: Is he breastfed exclusively or top fed too? What is the frequency? Colour? You can use ors.
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