3 months old baby

Question: My baby girl is three and half months old. She is spitting out frequently. Could please explain what would be the reason for this??

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Answer: Burp after every feed if still problem persist consult with your padiatrician
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Question: My one and a half month old baby girl keeps putting her tongue out. What could be the reason for this?
Answer: Hi same thg used to happen with my baby and  My pediatrician said normal in most cases and nothing to worry about. Our baby A does it all the time. At one month old, frequency is decreasing. tongue protrusion is a completely normal  finding in infants. It is part of the sucking reflex. It usually disappears with time, around 4-6 months when it is time to spoon feed. In other words, your child could simply be sticking their tongue out, just because they like to stick it out. 
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Question: My baby girl is 4 and a half months old she cries when she passes urine...what would be the reason please help ?
Answer: Hi may be baby is having colic so might be because of this she might be crying so along with diet drink lots of water stay hydrated and feed baby every two hourly so baby will get sufficient fluids and also the urine problem is solved. Take care
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Question: My baby is three and half month old she pull or snatch her ears .what would be the reason???
Answer: It could be because of pain that your baby must be feeling so if you have a doubt please consult your doctor as it can be here infection as well
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