11 months old baby

Question: My baby girl is now 12months I miss her 10mnths vaccination but yesterday I went to clinic for immunisation they give me vaccine n told me again take vaccination in 15mnths...by missing vccn there is no harm to my child I want to know

Answer: Hello! There is no problem, you can take the 10 month's vaccine now also. You need not worry about it. Take care
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Question: Dr experts,yesterday i went for vaccine for 6 weeks they do not have all the requirement so they told to give on wednesday it will be 7 week .do my child have any problem.plz let me know
Answer: No it will not be a problem. But u have to maintain the required gap for next vaccination
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Question: Hi i saw brown discharge and i consult a doctor they told me to take tablet to protect a child and they injected me, again i got same bleeding today , is there any problem .?
Answer: Hi Dear! Few woman face the issue of bleeding in the first trimester but if u r on meds and injection u dont need to worry at all it will subside soon.. Hope this helps!
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Question: before yesterday i was noticed blood marks, yesterdy i went to docter, they were scanned me and said no problm inside, but sujest me 1 month bedrest.. today i have noticed blood again.. this is serious problem?
Answer: Spotting occurs in about 15 to 25 % of women during pregnancy ( 1st trimester ). While spotting can occur at any stage of pregnancy, its most common in the 1st trimester. Cause of spotting--- Implantation. Uterine expansion Intercourse Increases in hormones level Cervical changes Vaginal exams Spotting occurs due to these above reason but it is very important to consult with doctor about this.
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