17 months old baby

Question: My baby girl is 14 months old.. She is not taking any food.. Only my feeding.. She is not taking the bottle feed.. I tried keeping aloe Vera to my nipple.. Even then she is taking my feed.. How to stop..she is not sleeping unless she take my feed.. I'm worried plz help me out

Answer: Put a thin white plaster in your breast , nipple here and there and say to your baby that you are having wound over there . My sister also faced the same problem. This technique worked well. Once you have stopped feeding take tab.cabgolin 0.25 mg 1--0--1 for 2 days to prevent further secretion
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Question: My baby is not feeding while sleeping only she feed milk with me then she not feeding that time she cry lot what to do pls help me
Answer: You ned to wean now....... because gradually baby has to be weaned. so you need to stop night feeding. because that disturbs babies sleep cycle. also it is very healthy if your baby sleeps from night 12 to morning 5 at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep till 5 months. I will tell you to breastfeed a baby till five months. if your last feed is always at 10:30 and then you put your baby to sleep. I would suggest that even after putting a baby to sleep at 10:30 you just give a little top up of milk at 12:30 and then you sleep so if the baby sleeps till 6 in the morning she won't feel run down or very hungry because of that top feed. And it will help to increase her weight. Take care.
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Question: hello my daughter of 7+ is not taking milk from bottle and even not from glass .She is only taking breastfeed.please help me out for milk.
Answer: Hello dear as your baby 8 months old now.. Yiu can start solids, feed your baby morning and evening.. Infact try this timetable.. diet chart with full day time table 1. Wake up time 7 am 2. Give a baby gentle oil massage 3. Breastfeed the baby and make the baby sleep 4. 9am breakfast 5. 11am mid day breakfast 6. Bath time around 11.30am 7. Make baby sleep with breastfeed 8. 1.30pm lunch 9. Breastfeed and at 3pm sleep again 10. 5pm evening snack 11. 8 pm dinner 12. 9pm breastfeed , massage and sleep The diet : Ragi porridge, ragi and nuts porridge, ragi apple kheer, ragi banana kheer, ragi halwa, ragi pancakes, ragi idli, daliya, daliya with apple and banana porridge, apple kheer, banana shake, chiku, papaya, pumpkin, carrot, watermelon purée, sooji upma, sooji kheer, sooji apple bananau porridge, sooji pancakes, banana pancakes, white egg, makhana kheer, veggie khichdi, curgd rice, vegetable soup includes tomato, broccoli, carrot, spinach, beetroot, potato, sweet potatoes, onion , ginger, bottle gourd, etc
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Question: Hello... My baby is 2nd hapf month old.. Now a few days she is not proper feeding a breastmilk even bottle feeding. She is sleep all the time., when she wake up she takes feed only 5 mints nd then sleep.. Pls help me for what can i do..?she Also suffering from too much gas in stomach. I am try remove the clothes nd then taking feed what she is only taking feeding 5 mint nd then sleep
Answer: Hai dear It is very difficult but we have to be very patience Here are some reasons why she z avoiding the milk 1.may be the breast size be the small and should not enough to the baby 2.your baby has reflux and links feeding with pain 3.your baby mouth is painful because he has an ulcer sore throat or infection such as thrush or a cold sore 3.your baby is easily distracted by noise or interruptions while he z breast feeding 4. There been a chang in the taste of your milk, possibly caused by sensitivity to a certain foods or the return of your periods 5. Try to be patience and ask other mums about their breast feeding experiences Encouraging the babys feeding Skin to skin contact Encourage your milk flow Try feeding your baby in middle of the sleep
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