2 months old baby

Question: my baby girl is 53 days old. can i make her lie down in the pram and takd her out for my walks?

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Answer: Hello! yes you can..Fresh air and a change of pace can be good for people of any age, including babies.To avoid exposing your baby to unwanted germs, limit the time you spend in close quarters with crowds. Make sure anyone who wants to hold or touch your baby washes his hands. Finally, stay away from anyone who's sick.
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Question: my baby girl is 6 month 28 days old .how can i make food for her?
Answer: Hello dear you can start with fruits. Give mashed banana, chickoo or apple puree and Daal Ka paani. After sometime you can introduce vegetables like nicely cooked carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato. Give ragi porridge as it will help in gaining weight.
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Question: My baby boy is 50 days old . Is it advisable to take him out for small evening walks in pram ?
Answer: Yes u can take him just see that u avoid takin him out bet 11 am to 4 pm cos aat that time the Sunrays could harm ur baby skin n if it is emergency to take him out see that u cover it baby parts properly n than take him out
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Question: My baby is 56 days old. When can i start taking him out in pram for walks?? Considering immunity, pollution etc.
Answer: Hi dear you can take a baby out from now but it's too big to avoid taking hymn to high crowded areas and also you can avoid taking on date time because of the sun might cause irritation to babies and also record skin allergies so evening after 6 you can take the child considered cover the baby well which do not cause any harm less and also please take more care on the child in you use pram.
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