1 months old baby

Question: My baby girl is crying too much after taking feeding..what should i do..

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Answer: Hi,could be due to colic dear you should consult your dr.you should apply Hing paste on the naval. You should in your diet Avoid spicy food Avoid fried food. Have fibrrous food like green veggies and carrots Have nuts like figs and prunes and dates Have papaya and banana Avoid food that causes gas All this will also help your baby. If this still continous you should consult your Dr.
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Question: my baby is too much crying what should i do for him?
Answer: Please check if he is having any problems like colic pain...or he is not feeding enough... If no problem exists than don't worry he will be fine when he will be 3months... I also faced that .... And this is what my doctor told me with my baby boy
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Question: Baby is crying too much and looks still hungry after bottle feeding everytime..what should I do?
Answer: you should feed the baby in a regular interval of 2 hours . feed the baby according to the babies hunger . if the baby is drinking hundred ml you can give 100 ml and still the babies crying you can give him 125 ml or 150 ml . if he is drinking 125 ml you can feed that much . and remember that don't over feed the baby sometimes baby will vomit . burp after each feeding . it will relieve gas
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Question: After vaccination my baby is crying too much what I do
Answer: It's normal for each and every baby to cry and become cranky after getting vaccination. On that injection area you can give your baby Icepack to get relief from pain and if there is fever then give medicine for 6 hours intervel. Give feeding after every 2 hours interval. Hope it helps
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