6 months old baby

Question: My baby girl is 5.5 months old. Just started giving banana puree (mashed banana with very little 5ml of water) since past 10 days. Initially it was fine. But from 3-4 few days she is pooping 4-5 times a day. Earlier it was only 1 time a day. The poop is not loose but the frequency has increase as compared. She consumes sometimes half banana and sometimes a little less than full banana. Please suggest if this is normal. Also if she is in complete formula milk, how much quantity in (ml) in a day minimum she should consume formula milk at this age. ?

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Question: My 5.5 month daughter is doing potty 4-6 times a day less in quantity and potty is watery. Seems like loose motion but not exactly. She used to do potty once in day earlier. What may be the issue??
Answer: This is due to teething . When tooth came mouth have more saliva . It will than go into stomach too. If baby will do more than 6 time potty than it is Infection . Than Need to see doctor .
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Question: Hi mommies My son is 7 months 19 days old, he's pooping little little twice or thrice a day from past a week, earlier he used to poop alternate day. What may be the reason for pooping twice & thrice a day? Please reply if you know the reason. Eating pattern is same as earlier no changes.
Answer: Check whether your baby is getting new teeth or not. It seems teething symptoms. If baby is getting new teeth then don't worry it's normal. Give your child more liquid to drink.
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Question: Hiii My baby is 1 year 4 month. Formula milk is given for her. Actually im confused regarding number of times can formula milk given to my child in a day. Currently she need minimum 5 times in a day
Answer: For 1 year baby no.need to give formula milk, give cow.or.buffalo milk
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