2 months old baby

Question: My baby girl is 2 months old. Sometimes she sleeps continuously for 5 hours. Should I wake her up every 3hours for feeding or just feed on demand?

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Answer: Wake her up and feed every 2 hours once she completes her 4 th month u can feed on her demand
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Question: My 2 months baby sleeps continuously for 5-6 hours in the night without feed,shoyld i Wake her up and feed?
Answer: Hi dear even my baby was like this, in my home they suggested not to interrupt his sleep. But when I consulted with doctor she advised to feed him 3 hours once until 3months. Then feed whenever he demands
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Question: Hi... My baby is 49 days old.. sometimes she sleeps continuously for 4-5 hours without feed.. should i wake her up in-between her sleep to feed her or let her wake herself for feeding..
Answer: If your baby is gaining weight normally then no need to worry. Wake her up in every 3 hours and feed. As sleep is also important. A baby who sleeps well grows well.
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Question: Should feed baby every 2 hours or whenever she wake up either more than 5 hours?
Answer: Most babies during the 1st 3 months need to be breast fed every 2-3 hourly. After 3 months their sleep patterns usually gets regularized. So you will be able to guess when they require next feed and can feed them accordingly Since your baby is just 2months, Sometimes baby demands feed after 1and half hour or sometimes after 3hrs. So feed on demand. At this age it is not advisable to leave the baby unfed for more than 3-4hrs because they don't have any body source of energy like adults.
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