14 months old baby

Question: My baby girl have cough all the time

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Answer: Mix Desi ghee and little sendha namak.Mix well apply on her chest three times.And very imp cover her feet and head.keep her warm and Don't take to parks or outside play.Most imp keep yourself calm it's part of growing up age.
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Question: My 6 yr girl want to have ganji and pickle all the time is it fine?
Answer: Hello dear, ganji is good for health... pickle is most certainly not good for health as it contains lots of salt and vinegar which could cause health problems like over work the kidneys or acidity....so please stop giving pickle to your child... instead give her vegetables in the form of sabzi.. she's at a growing age and its absolutely important to make sure that she gets all the essential nutrients.... fruits and vegetables must be a part of her daily diet... eggs and chicken can also be given to her for maintaining muscle mass... So please balance her food properly so as to help her grow efficiently..
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Question: Why my baby have cough all the time???
Answer: Hello! Babies have low immunity due to which they easily catch cold and cough. Try to give more of seasonal fruits, give fruits rich in vitamin c like oranges and guava. Also give green vegetables and proper diet. We cannot avoid it completely but yes try to reduce it. Take care
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Question: Hii I have 4 days baby girl from last night she is very inactive...she is sleeping all the time...
Answer: This s not problem .she is fine.. this s common for all babys
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