10 months old baby

Question: My baby girl has lots hair on her face how to remove them without hurting her.

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Answer: it will shed of its own dear. don't worry. even my daughter has but it's on face body and hands. I avoid doing anything because it will hurt her plus she cries a lot if ever I try to do something.so I m not doing anything.
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    Navita Matwala1387 days ago

    Ditto I tried few things but really she cries too.

Answer: ys I know dear . that's y m not doing anything. it will shed of its own.
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Question: Helllo... My baby girl is having hairs on face and body.... How can I remove them without hurting her
Answer: Hello Apply olive oil on entire body. Massage gently twice a day. Use a paste of gram flour turmeric and milk paste and apply it before bath. Use wheat or gram flour on the baby it will help loosen the roots. Mix lentils and almond paste and apply it on the body.
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Question: My baby is having so many facial hair specially on forehead what can i do remove them without hurting her
Answer: Some home remedies for hair removal:- Mix chandan powder and a pinch of turmeric with milk and apply on the hairy areas. Remove paste gently by rubbing it and do this before bath. Massage the baby with a paste made out of almonds, yellow mustard and turmeric. Dip a piece of bread in unboiled milk and massage over the baby’s body regularly to remove hair. After the baby’s massage, make a paste of baby cream and powdered red masoor dal. Apply it to the hairy areas and massage baby. Tips to Follow When Using the Hair Removal Methods Go easy on the baby’s delicate skin. Vigorously washing or scrubbing can irritate the skin. It can also lead to abrasion and cause rashes, bruises and allergies. Go with what your baby is comfortable. Having a dried up paste being rubbed and washed off can be an uncomfortable experience for the baby. Be cautious with raw milk. It can carry pathogens that can causes infections such as diarrhoea and dysentery. Although some of these methods temporarily remove hair, you may notice they grow back after sometime. Give it time to thin out on its own. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 3 months old she has lots of hair on forehead and ears how to remove them
Answer: Hi dear. Most babies born with facial and body hair. But as few month pass by, they will shed on its own. Even my son had a lots of hair in his face and body. But now he is okay.
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