3 months old baby

Question: my baby girl going to complete her 3rd month but she isn't flipped yet.she always cries to make her sit.is it normal? can i make her to sit her with back support? Note: she was born 22 days before the delivery date.

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Answer: No no..Pls be patient dear...Not all babies grow as per growth chart..Give her tummy time say 5 minutes and then gradually increase the time . tummy time increase neck muscle strength.pls don make her 2 sit b4 flipping
Answer: Hello! Your baby is not even third month. Give her some time she will flip Give her more tummy time. You can make her sit, if she can support her head properly, otherwise avoid.
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    Mahesh Sathish998 days ago

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Question: My baby girl is 9 months old.she hasn't started crawling yet.she sits without support but doesn't sit on her own from supine position. Once i make her sit then she will sit without support .she doesn't stay on her tummy also.when placed on tummy she will roll to her back again and doesn't even try for crawling .what to do? Is it normal?
Answer: Hi! My daughter turned 10 months old 3 days back & whatever you've mentioned here is exactly the case with my daughter as well. & the sigh of relief is 'its absolutely normal'. All kids are different & so do their milestones also varies. My baby scoots. She never tried crawling & sits only after i make her sit. The paediatrician whom i'm consulting said that it is ok,some kids skips the crawling phase. They ll directly start walking at the age of 1 or 1.5yrs. You can check few signs like when you make her sit. Go on her back side & call her name,by this time baby basically reacts & responds to their name. Then check whether she can turn side ways to look at you or simply falls at the back. Make it sure that you are trying this trick where the place is well cushioned. & you can try few more tricks to encourage her to walk like give her some moving toys like cars,big balls,etc. Roll them in front of her,she'll try to grab those this way she can indulge in some moving act. Colourful moving Block games can help you in this. Indulge yourself in some play time with her. At this point of time the kids basically mimics/copies what they see. Dont worry,everything ll take its own vourse of time.
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Question: My baby always wants to sit.. Is it ok to make her sit by giving support? She is in her 3rd month now
Answer: Your baby will probably learn to sit on their own between the ages of 4 and 7 months. Most babies can sit well for few minutes without any support by they are 8 months old. Don't try to force him to sit first babies balance their neck. To help baby to sit on his own u can shift him from his back to his tummy and from his crib to the floor make sure ur baby is getting tummy time only when he is awake and when u r in the room to supervise him.
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Question: Hi , baby is of 5 month she is not able to support her neck . I sit her with support of arms . Is it safe for my baby to make her sit with support though she is not able to sit
Answer: Hi, it is normal for a baby of 5 months not to sit with support. But since the baby cannot yet support the neck, please avoid making the baby sit. Also give tummy time regular, it helps to strengthen the neck muscles. Some babies do take time till 6 months to get neck support, hence don't worry.
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