9 months old baby

Question: My baby girl,completed 9 months on 17/01/2019.Now i started my job and i am away from home.so breast feeding is not giving nowadays.what all are the food items can i give to her in the absence of breastmilk?

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Answer: You can start with fruits. Give mashed banana, chickoo or apple puree and Daal Ka paani. After sometime you can introduce vegetables like nicely cooked carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato. Give ragi porridge as it will help in gaining weight. Always keep in mind to start with one food at a time. If giving apple then continue for 2-3 days as it will help her get the taste and also you can know if she is allergic to it. Give one time in the mornings. Then slowly increase as she starts developing taste. Please avoid salt and sugar till one year. They don't require it. Also give formula milk to your baby in case of missed breastmilk..
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Answer: You can give all the home made foods. And also formula milk.
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Question: My baby has completed 5 months and 6 months started.. what all food i csn give her other than breastmilk
Answer: Hello... Dear for an six month old baby, it is better to start solid along with breast milk is very important for weight gain and immunity power breastfeeding breastfeed your baby,as much as you can,it has lot of nutrients and a great antioxidant,during breastfeeding,take a healthy nutrious diet,it makes your baby more healthy ragi porridge you can feed ragi porridge,it will makes your baby to gain weight,and it's very healthy wheat porridge feed them with wheat porridge,it is very nutrious and healthy option to gain weight.. you can also introduce dhal water,rice porridge,helps in easy digestion, can also make multigrain sathu mavu porridge,it is an better option and very nutrious food for baby.. you can also include fruit juice like apple chikoo papaya orange you can also include mashed fruit puree like apple ,banana has lot of nutritional benefits needed for baby's development
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Question: My baby is 6 months old what all are the food items i have to give
Answer: Hi, you can give mashed banana, mashed apple without its skin, cerelac, pulses water which is called daal ka pani, specially the green chilkon ki daal ka pani...avoid toor dal as it causes gas You can give carrot to suck on it make sure he/she dont take a bite of it
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Question: My baby is 2 months old. Other than breast feeding any food items should i give
Answer: Lactogen can be given but i dont think anything else is recommended by doctors. Not wven water till 6 months.
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