3 months old baby

Question: My baby girl completed 3 months now .. she is totally on formula milk.. n weight is 5.7 kg now. does it safe to give her cows milk now with bottle?

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Answer: hello! cow milk is a strict no to babies below one year. The milk is heavy for the digestive enzymes of the baby to digest and might result in colic and indigestion.
Answer: No don't give cow milk ever, as cattle feed is not good, they contain substances which causes harmonal imbalance, plz never go for cow milk or any other cattle feed..
Answer: no cowmilk till six month atleast
Answer: give the light biscuits
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Question: My baby weight is 5.7 kg she is 6 months old n exclusive on breastfeed
Answer: Hi dear it is absolutely fine if your baby is exclusively breastfed and weighing 5.7 kgs see the weight depends a lot on the birth weight of the baby and baby should double the birth weight at 6 months so if that has happened there is nothing to be worried about the weight .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is of 3months. She is on bb n formula milk too. Is it safe to give formula milk in bottle???
Answer: Yes u can give in bottle.. But do sterilise the bottle properly with hot water which is mandatory to protect from germs.. Don't keep the remaining portions of milk in bottle itself.. Do wash immediately nd sterilise it properly..
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Question: my baby 4 month completed her weight is 5.7 kg her birth weight is 2.70 kg is it normal.
Answer: Hi.. Dear First thing you need to do is massage the baby everyday before bathing her, you can use dabur lal tel.. I used it for my daughter as well, it helps in bone strengthening.. Let it rest for about fifteen minutes.. Bathe your child using a mild baby body wash.. Other than this, breast feed your baby in every two hours (include dairy products and dry fruits in your diet) .. Weigh your child again a fifteen days time.. If you see no improvement, then visit a pediatrician and ask her to recommend a formula milk for the growth of child...
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Question: My baby girl weight 5.7 only is tz normal weight?? Her birth weight ws 3.3kg she completely on breast milk
Answer: Hi. Its seems fine. So dont worry. But to make sure younfeed your baby from one breast untill its empty as hind milk which contains fat comes by end.
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