4 months old baby

Question: My baby girl breast were squeezed tightly when she was born. Her grandmother used to do it saying, her breasts would remain smaller by doing this. Now I feel lump/tissue like thing in one breast and nothing in another... Has it made a lifetime damange. I am very tensed

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Answer: One should never do that
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Question: I am 29 wk pregnant. I went to the doctor for check up. They suggested for growth ultrasound, in ultrasound room they were saying that there is a very diluted ambelical band seen. When I asked about it they told that there are nothing to worry come regularly for check up. Bt when I google it its tensed me. Pls some who know this say some thing.
Answer: Hello,. I think it's better you ask your gynecologist about your scanning report also when if your doctor says nothing to worry about please don't take any stress, this can affect your baby be happy be positive . Hope this helps.
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Question: Hi, my baby girl is 1 year 2 month old she is underweight her weight is 6.5 it is lower than 3rd percentile In the growth chart .I have been passing through such a stressful time ,she looks so thin I'm giving one homeo medicine for increasing her appetite so from den she had eating something better than before , from last 4 days she suddenly stopped eating ,she doesn't eating anything only breast feeding ,I know it's not enough for her yesterday I beat her for not eating I almost tried all the flavours nothing she is eating .She will spit it out and refuse to open her mouth .please help me from last 2 days I'm also not eating anything . why my baby is doing like this ? already she weights less 6.5 oly now she might be less than that please help me
Answer: hello dear dont be under stress.. dont beat your child.. she is such a small and dont know anything.. even my baby was like this when she was 14 months dear... but now she is improved a lot.. explain her well everything.. cuddle her and feed her by showing any video or any interesting toys or make friends near by.. kids want their age friends more they learn many things.. hope this helps
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Question: Hello all mommies, I am happy to share the news that I am blessed with baby girl on 14th September and both are doing good , she is 4bkg in weight, just one issue is breastfeeding which I m facing these days, starting 3 days there was no milk but then Milk started coming but it's not sufficient for her and I have to give her top feed ,then only her stomach gets full and she sleeps peacefully.other issue is in my left breast when she tries to suck nippel goes inside and she is not able to hold it continuously and gets irritated , I got nipple shield also to help smooth breast feeding but that also didn't work, baby is not able to feed using the shield . Dr are strictly saying no to any other milk except breastfeed , in fact I don't want to give her top feed but what to do when she doesn't get satisfy with my milk, I m eating all healthy food and taking galcat powder with milk twice a day and following all instructions by Dr but just want know how much time it takes to increase the milk production and any suggestions from experience mom. Any help will be great
Answer: Hi firstly u can improve Ur breast milk by eating garlic cloves powder along with rice and idli. Then eat bread with milk morning and evening. If u r non-vegetarian u may have fish and mutton brain. These all increases Ur breast milk supply. Don't worry with nipple baby will learn gradually once milk supply increases. I think artificial nipple shield is not recommended. If Baby can suck directly from mother a bond will be created. The same happened to my baby also after 10 days only she asjusted properly to sucking. Give her comfort levels to suck and u can catch Ur nipple so that she can suck nipple with out missing. Don't worry or distressed and be happy so that u r baby feels happy
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Question: My baby girl is 3 months 17 days old, it was a normal delivery she was born in week 36 her birth weight was 2. 365 kgs and now she is around 4. 6 kgs.My pediatrician is saying that she need to put on more weight . Is her weight normal. She is totally bf since past one month. Earlier i used to gv her formula milk at night. I use a nipple sheild to feed her is dat d reason for her less weight gain. Should i start formula milk again and in what quantity.
Answer: Plz answer my query
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