3 months old baby

Question: my baby girl birth weight is 3kgs now 4months weight only 4.5 kgs.. taking both formula ND b.m... plz help..

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Answer: hello..your baby weight should be approximately 6.4 kg to 7 kg.. dont worry.. if your baby is healthy and active then need to worry about the weight dear.. continue breast feeding and formula milk.. both will help you to improve the weight of the baby..
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    Kaveli Pratima Joshi1259 days ago

    thank you

Answer: See wheather baby is increasing every month or not is important some baby weight will be slow so ....just check every month weight dont compare with other babies .....most important is every month gaining
Answer: better to consult the doctor y because same problem with my son
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Question: My baby birth weight is 3kgs Nd how he is 7.8 kgs how to gain weight. Suggest some healthy food.
Answer: Baby weight is little under as by now baby should have been around 9.5 kgs.Baby weight is directly proportional to the healthy food.at times baby looks leaner but weight wise seems fine.every baby has its own pace of growth.as a mother you need to keep giving baby,healthy food options,and avoid any sugary food,or refined foods.give plenty of veggies ,fruits,daal, rice.healthy carbohydrates would help in gaining more weight for your baby.idli,dosa,Dalia,oats are some good options.dry fruits etc would also help in gaining weight.also make sure baby is not force fed.remember baby needs to be active rather than obese.healthy weight and overweight needs to be cleared.you want a healthy weight in your baby ,never try hard to make your child fat
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Question: my girl baby birth weight is 3.100kg now 4.5 months old weight is 5.3kg..only bm ..how to increase weight
Answer: In the initial 3 months, infants put on about 1 kg each month. From 3-6 months, weight gain reduces to 1/2 kg/month; from 6-9 months, it becomes 1/3, and for 9-12 months, it settles to 1/4 kg. In full term infants, the birth weight doubles in the 4th month and triples when they reach 12 months and 4* when they reach on 24 month.
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Question: hello my baby s weight only 4.5kgs 4th month start....her birth weight was 3kgs she s taking formula similac iq ND bm ..takes very less feedings
Answer: Newborns need to feed many times a day. Feed your 4-month-old infant at least six to seven times a day. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you can increase the feed up to 12 times a day. Don’t try to control feeding times as your baby has an unpredictable sleeping and feeding schedule.Also dont force feed ur child
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