5 months old baby

Question: My baby girl age is 5 months,she sleeps only for 7 to 8 hours a day only. Many failed attempts needed to make her sleeping..Please suggest me what can i do to make her sleep longer

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Answer: Make sure you don't the lights and set surrounding sleep friendly. Avoid making noises and play some soft music. Babies often feels they are falling down in sleep so please cover with sheet and make the baby feel cozy. Hold the baby and slightly rock the baby till asleep. Be in that position for few more minutes before keeping on the cot. She will sleep better. Even in sleep don't forget to feed your baby every two hours.
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Question: Hey! My baby is 2 months old she doesn't sleep properly diring day and night hardly sleeps for 8-10 hours ! Please help me to make her sleep
Answer: Hi dear, Babies have issues with sleeping and it could take months to years to resolve it.some babies are easy in sleep while some have light sleep.on an average a 3 months should sleep atleast 14-16 hours in entire day,including night.ensure there are no disturbances in the room.too much stimulation in room could distract baby and baby won't sleep.keep the room dark but well ventilated.make a routine of his sleep patterns.put him to sleep at same time,so that baby gets used to.avoid talking or watching TV around the baby.baby should be fed well prior to sleep.donot overdress the baby.they should feel comfortable enough prior to sleep.regular body massage and warm water bath would relax baby and sleep better.and have patience,they would soon fall into a pattern.till then keep trying...
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Question: My Daughter is 2 month old... She sleeps Only 7~ 8 hours a day. She doesn't sleep in day time. Please suggest what to do. I am worried.
Answer: hi ma'am don't worry some newborn babies will be like that they don't sleep at day time or ar night time so it differs with child to child.aaj baby's growth even after 3 months you can see good changes in babies sleeping patterns we don't need to worry much about it their feed your baby frequently because it helps babies to get good sleep and also it will increase baby weight and also good for babies immune system development
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Question: My baby is 5 months old. How many hours of sleep is needed for a day?
Answer: Dear at 5 months babies need an average of 14 hours of sleep per day. At 4 months, a baby can go eight hours at night without a feeding; by 5 months, he can sleep for 10 or 11 hours straight. Babies will sleep four to five hours during the day, spread out over three naps. Hope it helps.
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