5 months old baby

Question: my baby getting sweat in his hands and feet why

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Answer: its normal dear. nothing to worry on
Answer: Go to doctor... Shy wait..
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Question: My feet Nd hands getting swelling why like this?
Answer: Hello the swelling is a normal part of pregnancy  that is caused by the additional blood and fluid. This extra retention of fluid soften the body, which enables it to expand as the baby develops,leading to swelled up body parts.  However, this swelling vanishes after delivery.. You can dip your legs/feet/hands in the luke warm water with little salt added in it.. For at least fifteen minutes, it will give you some comfort..it helped me a lot..you an also try 🙂
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Question: why my baby feet and palm sweat sometimes?
Answer: It is normal to have sweating on hands and legs of babies.Babies are often overdressed and the hands and feet are like the temperature gauge and start the perspiration off to cool down the body. Some babies body are naturally having sweat body. Babies do have immature nervous systems which also causes sweating. Don't worry and maintain proper hygiene around baby.
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Question: Why my baby having sweat in his feet
Answer: Hiee dear it's normal, baby sweats as it's already summer , plus offer equal amount of liquid . And make room s temperature cool.
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