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Question: my baby getting every thinner in day to day

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Answer: As your baby is more than 6 months you can start feeding solids for your baby. Solids should be in the form of puree only. You can serve puree of apple / potato / carrot etc. Serve good amount of milk to your baby too.
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Question: My baby is vomiting food when I try to feed him. And he is getting thinner too
Answer: Hello dear, Every baby experiences different symptoms during teething. ... Most experts agree that while localized soreness and pain may occur, teething doesn't cause symptoms elsewhere in the body, like rash, vomiting, and diarrhea. Consult your family doctor or pediatrician if your baby is vomiting or has any other severe symptoms. Some doctors recommend not giving a baby solid food for 24 hours after vomiting. If that seems too long, ask your baby's doctor for advice about when to resume feeding solids after vomiting.... Give your baby enough fluid to prevent dehydration. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Question: Hi getting more urine innumerous time in day. And my bladder is getting full every time. Is it normal?
Answer: Once u test ur sugar in hospital ,if sugar is there more urine is pass a day otherwise winter season know its common
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Question: My baby hesitate to take any food i.e liquid or semi liquid. What can I do for my baby, he is getting thinner and thinner
Answer: Try to change the diet which u give for baby... Pls consult doctor for becoming thinner
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