1 months old baby

Question: My baby gets red spots or hives if I use oil for massage. I have tried coconut oil, almond oil also dove baby oil. But still he gets red boils which goes by it's own by evening. Also if I use milk, besan or masoor daal while bathing he still gets those red spots. What should I use  for him while bathing? His skin getting dry because of soap. What should I do?

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Question: My daughter is of 1 year 2 months & still she is nt walking by her own so which oil for massage should I use & what type of food should I give more please help
Answer: Hello Babies take their time in walking teething and talking. We just can't push them on dis. Wt v can do is assist them. Sometimes babies are scared to let go of their standing support and walk thinking they will fall and hurt them selves. Some think y take extra effort whn crawling gets them everywhere. Take ur baby on the bed n then try giving ur baby their favorite chocolate. Or toy. With little push from u he ll be able to walk soon. Hope I helped
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Question: Hi.. My baby girl is 3 months now probably her skin tone is becoming darker day by day firstly we used dove head to toe baby wash and Himalaya massage oil then her skin started appearing darker then our doctor suggested to massage with coconut oil and recommend me some soap and moisturizer but her skin tone is still not improving.. What oil or soap I shud use for her fair skin tone.. Please help
Answer: Dear, use baby friendly products. Babies color tone is decided by genetics of parents. U cannot alter much skin tone, just avoid excessive exposure to sun & warm atmosphere, it causes darkening of skin. Babies tend to get their real color after 1-2 month of delivery. So baby may not have the same skin tone as at the time of birth, it starts to gets its color as per parents genes.
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Question: My baby got skin rash that is increasing day by day I use mustard oil while changing diaper but still rash is getting severe what should I do?
Answer: Hey dear... Skin rash generally occurs due to unhygienic skin...please use a rash free cream prescribed by your pediatrician.. also whenever u change diaper..clean the area with cotton soaked in water, then Pat it dry gently with a soft cloth and apply coconut oil/anti rash cream. Also 1 month baby ke liye mustard oil is not good...always use coconut oil.
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