3 years old baby

Question: Hii...my baby get 3 years old in feb.2019....3 years is correct age for going to formal school in nursery.

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes by 3 years you can put your baby for nursery,as 3 years 10 months is for lkg.and 5 years 10 months is for 1 st standard.
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Question: My daughter, Trisha is 3 years and 4 months old and going in Nursery. In initial days of schooling she used to love it... But after vacation she is refusing to go to school and everyday making different different excuses...
Answer: Hi dear, There may be many reasons for baby not going to school. Since she was on vacation she must not been out of vacation mood still. Talk to ur baby in a friendly manner and understand what is making her dislike to go to school. If she is still in vacation mood make her school travel interesting by getting her new tiffen box/pencil box/crayons or anything she likes most. Else if there is any other problem solve accordingly.
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Question: My baby age is 2years 4 months , is this correct age to join school r not
Answer: Ya you can admit you child in play group or play centre because in these classes they only teach how to sit leaving his/her parents at the home.....so it is necessary even it is good...and by this your child's brain develope much more than before....he/she will see many more things...and he/she will also try to speak because at that time kids's catching power is very strong....so you can join ur kid to kinder garden
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Question: What is your perfect age for going to school?
Answer: Hello dear, Most of the parents enroll their children in play school at the age of 2 or 2 and half years. But it is not necessary that your child is mentally prepared at this age.  Some parents want to make their kids familiar with the social environment so they enroll their kid in a reputed play school at an early age.  But it all depends on ur baby. In this age ur baby is ready to go or not. If he doesn't want to go plz don't force him. Wait for more six months.  Hope it helped, Take care ur little one....  
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