1 months old baby

Question: My baby gal is near to 1 month but rashes on her face and neck has not gone red and yellow color what to do should I consult doctor or any home remedies

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Answer: For rashes you can try applying coconut oil and see if it reduces. If there are no signs of reduction after 3 days then better it is that you consult a doctor. Keep the area of rashes clean and dry. wash only with water and mild soap. Best if you avoid soap
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Question: My baby has developed rashes on her face. What should I do ? Any home remedie
Answer: Hi dear as your baby skin is very delicate and gentle you can't use many products or remedies to cure the rashes. These rashes are self limiting and will go away by itself. Never use any Harsh detergent or chemical to wash your babies cloth. Always use mild baby soap for your baby bathing and use warm water not hot water. You can apply AloeVera Gel based moisturizer baby lotion to apply on the rashes. Dress for baby in light cotton cloth. Bathing for two times can help.
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Question: My baby face has red rashes on her cheeks and forehead..any home remedy
Answer: Hello dear My baby also faced that problem .don't touch that pimples...clean the face daily two times with soft cloth..be alert on what you are eating...some kids may have milk allergy...if mom consume cow milk curd and dairy products the baby may have pimples.
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Question: My baby has little red rashes on her face. Any home Remedies?
Answer: Hello dear It is called milk milieu so don't worry and don't apply anything on it.squeeze breast milk to the face or put neem leaves on warm water before baby bath
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