7 months old baby

Question: My baby frst teeth appears about a month before ... That is the lower one ... And now upper 4 teeth appears ... Is it normal ... No other teeth appears at lowr side ...

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Answer: It ok my son had his first teeth after being born lower one and now being 8 months+ he is teething four uppers once don't worry it normal every baby have different teething .just give your baby calcium based diet and see a dentist and clean baby mouth every day.
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Question: My daughter is 11 months old and her first upper teeth appeared. I have heard that usually first lower teeth appears. What if first upper teeth appears? is it ok....... plz give your valuable suggestions!
Answer: Hi, There is nothing as such that babies should get their lower teeth first. Every child is different. It doesn't matter if one gets the upper teeth and the other child lower. Its absolutely fine. Do not worry 👍
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Question: My baby got upper two side by side teeth and one lower front
Answer: Ok dear.. that's absolutely fine but what exactly is your doubt?? Please post the complete query so we can help you..
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Question: My baby has appeared one lower teeth and after that one upper teeth appeared..why it has appeared like this?
Answer: It is not fixed which teeth comes first. So don't worry.
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