7 months old baby

Question: My baby frequently rub her ear.. now ahe have 2 teethbin lower.. y she is always rub her ear

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Answer: That might be due to worm infestation. Consult a pediatrician to cure it.
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Question: my daughter rub her eyes always y
Answer: Hello ma'am Sometimes babies rub their eyes so that they can try and relieve some of the tension and soreness around the eye muscles and in the eyelids. Just like how a massage would feel. This indicates that its time for a good, long nap. Still you find dryness or some other reasons Than do consult your doctor.
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Question: My baby she is 7 months old always she rub her ears when she is sleepy...y like that
Answer: Hi dear ,rubbing ear is a sign of feeling sleepy in small babies. They can't say that they r feeling sleepy, so show some indications to make mumma understand. Don't worry it is completely normal in small babies.
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Question: My baby is now 9th months completed...she is always rubing his ear...y she is doing like this..
Answer: Hi, sometimes baby dies so if they have discomfort and pain in the gums due to teething,you should take a cold soft cloth and rub on the gums to get reliwf
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