8 months old baby

Question: Hii my baby fell from bed today there is a swealing near his eye what to do

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Answer: Hello! Don't worry, and give some water on it. Check if there is any cut and how the baby is behaving. As the baby might have got hurt near the eye, just keep a watch. Take care
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    Muskan Sabharwal28 days ago

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Question: My baby fell down from bed... His head from back has swelling what should i do??
Answer: Hello! Please do not stress out. Just apply cold water on the area. It will go away after some time. Also keep a watch on the baby. If the baby is drowsy or sleepy or vomiting then immediately take the baby to doctor. But if he is active then nothing to worry . Take care
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Question: My baby fell from bed what to do
Answer: Hi dear, don't get panicked at all. Check if baby is hurt and crying uncontrollably. If any blood or any swelling. If all fine then don't worry feed the baby he will be relax in sometime. Don't feel guilty because it is common. Try being a bit more careful.
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Question: My baby fell from bed hitting his head, what should I do
Answer: If your baby doesn't appear severely injured, gently pick them up and comfort them. They'll likely be scared and alarmed. While comforting, look at their head to inspect for visible signs of injury. You should call your doctor after any fall from a bed if your baby is under 1 year old.
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