11 months old baby

Question: My baby fell down from bed 2days before. try she got fever. becos f tat did she get fever? am worried.pls suggest

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Question: My baby fell from bed yesterday she has fever now
Answer: Hello dear,  if the baby is breastfeeding, is able to respond, opening eyes, recognising mothers voice. Check for swelling on the head( front -back ). She needs to rush to a paediatrician possibly a hospital emergency care if baby is not opening eyes or is not able to sit properly. Or is falling to the one side-- where he has been hit. Better to check with paediatrician for internal checkup. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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Question: My baby fell down from bed
Answer: Ohhhh.. I hope baby is fine.. Dear if baby is fine and there is no blood show or vomit after Falling and baby is active and feeding well then there is nothing to worry about. Just rub the area where baby gets hurt and if there is any swelling then do some hot compress.. baby will be fine..
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Question: Hi my baby got fell down from bed today she cried when she fall down and she is normal after that, will it affect?
Answer: Hello dear If u see that baby is active enough after felling from bed and also having proper breastfeeding or formula then u need not to worry. But if u see anything serious such as vomiting or blood, then immediately rush to hospital.
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