2 months old baby

Question: My baby feed only 10- 15 every time..is it sufficient for her?

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Answer: Hello. Am happy to help you. If your baby is gaining at least 500gm per month and if he is having 7 to 8 weight diaper than he is getting enough milk. If my answer is helpful please give thumbs up. Thanks
Answer: Hi dear baby should feed for 15 to 20 mins in a single session. And then u should burp ur baby for 20 kind to make sure it is getting digested well.
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Question: My baby drink my breast milk for every ,,2 hours only for 10min .. is it I'll be sufficient for her
Answer: Hi, ideal in the baby should drink milk every 2 hours but at least for 15 minutes from each side. From 10 minutes from each side may not be sufficient but you can also check if the baby is passing urine for about 10 to 12 times in a day and putting on weight properly then it means that baby is getting sufficient milk supply as the baby will grow the baby will take 1 milk for a little longer duration for about 15 to 20 minutes.
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Question: My baby is 2 month old... She is fully on breast feed.. But she is on feed only for 5 mins every hour.. is it sufficient for her??
Answer: Hello! No this is not sufficient as the baby will not get hind milk. So somehow divert and try to feed atleast for 15 minutes. Take care
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Question: My baby only feed 5 minutes every time, is it enough for my baby??
Answer: Hi dear u should try to make ur baby have feed not less rhan 15 mins otherwise baby will not get balanced fore and hind milk which will led u to ur baby to not to gain ptoepr weight. Both milk is very important for baby growth. If baby is taking milk 5 mins then only getting fore milk which is not good.
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